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1. Performance Indicator Data Webinar:

2. Spectrum of Family Services Resources and Supports for NYS PROS Teams Informational Forums:
PROS Information Forum Powerpoint
PIN Application for NYS PROS Teams

3. Webinar # 1: Consumer Centered Family Consultation: Engaging Consumers. Engaging the consumer is the first of two preliminary steps to conducting a Consumer Centered Family Consultation. This webinar provided practical information, techniques and tools for helping recipients to make informed decisions about including others in supporting their treatment and recovery.

Power Point Presentation
Decision Guide
Webinar # 1 Recording

4. CCFC Webinar # 2: Consumer Centered Family Consultation: Engaging the Family. This is the second in a series of three webinars that is about engaging family members and others in the consumer’s social network who support their treatment and recovery.

Power Point Presentation
Webinar # 2 Recording

5. CCFC Webinar # 3: Consumer Centered Family Consultation. This is the final in a series of three webinars that focuses on the Consumer Centered Family Consultation model itself. This webinar is presented to assist programs to achieve first-rate practice under the new licensing protocol.

Power Point Presentation
Needs Assessment Survey
Webinar # 3 Recording

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