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The Family Institute for Education, Practice & Research is a resource to mental health providers to learn how to add family support services to assist with the recovery of individuals with mental illness. The Family Institute has the ability to tailor trainings for individuals on a one to one basis, programs within an agency, agency wide or as a collaborative of agencies. Our intention is to be accessible to the needs of our audience.

The following teaching modules are available through the Family Institute and are specific to the Spectrum of Family Services Treatment & Community Options. • Consumer Centered Family Consultation • Family Psychoeducation • Behavioral Family Therapy • Family Support Groups • Family Information Night • Family Education Curriculum

• Resource Library

Each teaching module uses the teach, demonstrate and practice method and covers:
* Objectives * Content * Instructional * Audiovisuals/Manuals

Trainings can be completed at the Family Institute site, regionally with multiple agencies, or as online trainings in the future.

There are two training formats available: • Clinical Trainings: Can be completed in 3 to 12 hours depending on the module(s) chosen.

• Train the Trainers Sessions: Participants must complete the clinical training modules followed by 3 to 6 hour train the trainer training depending on the module(s) chosen.

Trainings Modules Available:
Consumer Centered Family Consultation (CCFC)
is a brief, education-based engagement and consultation service that is typically completed in one to three sessions. It promotes collaboration among adult consumers of mental health services, members of their family or social network, and service providers to support each consumer’s recovery. This 6 hour training will enhance participants knowledge, skill and confidence to successfully engage, involve and address the needs and wants of consumers and members of their family/social network in a manner that supports the treatment and recovery of their loved one. After the training, participants will be able to:

• Recognize what a family involved mental health system looks like and learn the importance of consumer and families experiences • Understand the process of Consumer Centered Family Consultation and how it compares to family therapy • Understand the informing and engaging process with consumers of the mental health system and their families and/or social network system • Understand how to connect with families, define areas of focus and planning interventions with family and to gain a comfort level utilizing the Connecting, Defining & Prioritizing Want/Needs, and Planning (CDP) method of Consumer Centered Family Consultation • Connect with local NAMI Programs to begin a collaborative effort • Review the Family Institute website as a resource for Consumer Centered Family Consultation and the Spectrum of Family Services Treatment & Community Options

Family Psychoeducation:
This 2-day training consists of instructions on how to implement a Single & Multiple Family Psychoeducation Group, based on the work of William McFarlane, M.D. After this training participants will be able to:

• Plan, implement, integrate and evaluate evidence based family psychoeducation services • Develop an accessible system to identify and involve individuals in the consumer’s family or social network in psychoeducation services • Establish policies, procedures and documentation requirements that support family psychoeducation services • Insure that participants receive all relevant family education training and implementation resource materials developed by the Family Institute and/or obtained from national family education projects • Review the Family Institute website as a resource for Consumer Centered Family Consultation and the Spectrum of Family Services Treatment & Community Options

Family Support Groups, Family Information Nights, Family Education Curriculum and Resource Library:
This 3-hour training provides basic information on how to add additional services that are consumer and family friendly and that support the recovery of the consumer. These trainings are not meant as a substitute for clinical care, but as an adjunct service that supports sound clinical care offered by multidisciplinary team.

After the training participants will be able to:

• Offer families support, education, information and resources • Offer the consumer and families a better understanding of the organizational structure within the specific agency and the services they provide • Work along side consumers to create an educational program to fit the needs of the consumer and their loved one • To learn about the community programs and how to make use of them as a resource

• Review the Family Institute website as a resource for Consumer Centered Family Consultation and the Spectrum of Family Services Treatment & Community Options

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