Consumer Centered Family Consultation (CCFC)

Purpose: To integrate the consumer’s family and/or chosen supports into the recovery process of  the consumer.  Consumers are at the center of all decisions

  • Who to invite; which topics to discuss and not to discuss

Duration: 1-3 meetings with a consumer of mental health services, their family and/or chosen supports.

Components: There are several distinct phases/components. It is characterized by collaboration that promotes a partnership between consumers, families and providers (all are present for CCFC meetings)

  • It’s for consumers and/or families at all stages of illness
  • It’s for professionals with varying degrees of experience

Similar To Other Consultations

  • Information & goals of the consultation are solicited from the customer (consumer & family)
  • Education is provided
  • Information & choices are given
  • Follow through is up to the customer (consumer & family)

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